Monday, October 3, 2011

The Name Game- Top Dog Names for 2011

There are a lot of top dog name lists out there. I'm betting dog name favorites are somewhat regional based on where you are from and the breed you are naming.

With our Puppy Love Dog Boutique in Southeast Texas we sell quite a few dog name collars. These collars have the letters that slide on the collars and spell out the name in blingy rhinestones or shiny silver letters.
We also sell a lot of engraved name tags. Based on our records our top dog names for 2011 are as follows:

-Boy Names: MAX, BAXTER, and JAKE

-Girl Names: LUCY, BELLA and IZZY

We see a lot of boy pups named Bailey, Zack, Ace, Axel and Bentley

The girl names that we see over and over are Coco, Abby, Zoey, Molly, Emmy and Lily are also popular in our area.

While Buddy and Daisy make the national lists, we don't see them as often. has a great list voted on by site visitors. It certainly seems to be a comprehensive collection of pet names. It will definitely get you started thinking of that perfect name for your perfect pup.

Whatever name you finally choose that special name will take on a whole new meaning when it defines your precious puppy. "Lily" wont be a name on a dog list anymore. "Lily" will be the name of the best dog ever! Our "Lily" certainly is!

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