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Monday, October 10, 2011

Why do dogs eat grass?

Any dog owner has probably seen their pup grazing the grass in the backyard at some point. We often overlook this as just a common occurrence in dogs, but have you ever given a second thought to why your dog is doing this?

No, your dog most likely isn't trying a new vegetarian health kick. However, there are some theories as to why our dogs do this.

#1- He is sick.
Some people's dogs only eat grass when they are not feeling well and throw up later on after consuming the grass. Some say the dog knows he has an upset stomach and wants to induce vomiting so they eat the grass to do so.

#2 He is bored.
As we all have fallen victim to the eating while bored syndrome, this is another theory why Fido is munching down on the foliage. Perhaps your dog might be bored and need to do something more stimulating than sleeping the day away. Sometimes eating grass is the next best thing.

#3 He wants some nutrition
Another reason proposed is that your dog instinctively knows they need more of something(nutrition wise). The grass provides fiber and it is often a beneficial food for a dog's digestion. Other suggested reasons why he is eating grass are to treat intestinal worms, or ease the digestion process. The fiber theory is interesting because there is a published study of woman who noted her dog ate grass and vomited every day for 7 years. She found out about the fiber theory and switched her dog to a high fiber diet. The dog completely stopped vomiting.

So, in the end your dog's eating grass isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, there are a few things to be cautious of if Fido continues to eat grass every chance he gets. If you often used powdered pesticides on the grass or perhaps some miracle-gro to keep the garden looking nice, this can be harmful to your pets health and should be monitored.

Other than that, eating grass is nothing new for a dog owner and nothing to be worried about. It's just another one of those interesting things our dogs do.

Maybe your pup is eating grass because he hasn't tasted anything as good as our all natural dog treats!
 Surely after a Peanut Butter BonBon or two, your dog wont even remember what grass tastes like.

Signed, Puppy Love Dog Store

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crate Covers and Luxury Canopy Dog Beds

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With new designs coming in all the time there is no limit to what new art you may find in these awesome luxury dog crate covers and canopy day beds (found on site).

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beautiful Luxury Leather Designer B.B. Simon Dog Collars

Is your pup a luxury deserving dog? Well, we have we got the collar for them! These collars are literally a piece of art work within themselves. Each collar is unique and exquisite. Cute, Trendy, Fashionable, popular, modern, cool ,voguish, in fashion, and in high demand are just a few of the words to describe these great collars!

This accessory will have all the dogs in the neighborhood turning their heads in jealousy. It is the perfect puppy apparel to show them you love them, and they will love all the attention they get from it!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rage Syndrome? In Dogs?

Rage Syndrome.... no, it isn't what you get when a red hummer cuts you off and nearly destroys your car.

This genetic disorder is found in dogs, and mainly effects the Spaniel dog breed.

Imagine you're sitting there with ole Fido enjoying your day and with no apparent reason he goes into a fit of anger growling with a cold hard stare at nothing, pulling his head back as if uncontrollably.

This description is exactly what any dog owner who has a rage syndrome pup might experience. It is defined as an epileptic bout of rage which effects the emotional part of the brain. Most the time the dog can not control their actions and doesn't even realize it is happening. Almost like a seizure of some sort.

Though some dogs are able to stop it, some go into a bout that leads to them attacking without even realizing they are. For some dogs, there is a triggered situation which causes it to happen. Sometimes it can be  from suddenly being wakened from sleep, or certain words that cause them to have their attack such as aggressive negative commands ("bad dog", "go lay down in your kennel", etc.)

Often people believe it is a training issue or the onset of rabies, but that is rarely the case in certain breeds.

However, as bad as rage syndrome sounds it is something that can be tolerated. Other than those situations where the dog is seizing with rage, he is still your sweet baby dog. The dog comes out of his rage and is completely normal as if unaware anything has even happened. I would imagine this makes it very hard to be mad at them. It's almost like puppy tourettes.

Treatment for rage syndrome is limited and often involves finding a canine neurologist.
Some other dog breeds that this can happen to is Papillon, Rottweiliers, English Bull Terriers, and Golden Retrievers.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Name Game- Top Dog Names for 2011

There are a lot of top dog name lists out there. I'm betting dog name favorites are somewhat regional based on where you are from and the breed you are naming.

With our Puppy Love Dog Boutique in Southeast Texas we sell quite a few dog name collars. These collars have the letters that slide on the collars and spell out the name in blingy rhinestones or shiny silver letters.
We also sell a lot of engraved name tags. Based on our records our top dog names for 2011 are as follows:

-Boy Names: MAX, BAXTER, and JAKE

-Girl Names: LUCY, BELLA and IZZY

We see a lot of boy pups named Bailey, Zack, Ace, Axel and Bentley

The girl names that we see over and over are Coco, Abby, Zoey, Molly, Emmy and Lily are also popular in our area.

While Buddy and Daisy make the national lists, we don't see them as often. has a great list voted on by site visitors. It certainly seems to be a comprehensive collection of pet names. It will definitely get you started thinking of that perfect name for your perfect pup.

Whatever name you finally choose that special name will take on a whole new meaning when it defines your precious puppy. "Lily" wont be a name on a dog list anymore. "Lily" will be the name of the best dog ever! Our "Lily" certainly is!

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