Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sunglasses/ Doggles for Pups? Fashion and Practicality

Owning a dog boutique in Texas you get to hear a lot of different comments on a lot of different things. What people love, dislike, or aren't sure about when it comes to their dog's apparel. Our topic today is one of those items that even the most avid doggie shoppers usually will roll their eyes at when they see it. I'm talking about Doggles- Puppy Sunglasses & Dog Goggles

To most this seems the over the top dog luxury. "Sunglasses for dogs- now I've seen everything!" is one remark we get quite often.

The pups do look like Hollywood starlets with their little diva pink-lensed sunglasses with the rhinestone hearts in the corner. Surprisingly enough, these accessories do have a practical side!

The week I got my first order of sunglasses in a lady called asking if I had any sunglasses for her pug- her vet had told her she must have them. Really? Even I was surprised. She explain their family was heading for the beach with their pug who had an eye infection. The vet was worried about wind and sand irritating the eye even more. He told her a pair of goggles would protect the eye. For dogs who love to hang their head out the window, sunglasses are the perfect protection from flying debris. Dogs who ride in the back of a truck or with their owners on motorcycles or boats need protection also. They make them adjustable and available in sizes to fit a 3 pound to 250 pound dog!

The dog sunglasses we carry have a UV coating to reduce harmful exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

They are specially made to fit comfortably and protect your baby's eye. These glasses can protect the eye from trauma, reduce glare, and relieve light sensitivity.

For the older dogs with developing cataracts or poor vision, these glasses prove to be extremely helpful. They are also developed to be shatter proof.

So... ok. They do seem awfully "cutesy" but they are a practical aid for many dogs and yes, quite the fashion statement for the rest. 

So next time you see that adorable chihuahua or that fashionable doberman rocking the shades, don't judge too fast. They may be on the edge of trendy luxury dog fashion, or they may just be practicing safety habits and avoiding blindness or eye infections.


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  1. My dog always looks so cute in these, I never really thought of them as protective eye wear also though. I'll have to remember that next time I head to the beach!